The Click-Coin EU Company was founded in Düsseldorf (Germany) at the beginning of 2021, is trademarked and launched on March 1st, 2021.

Click-Coin EU was founded to offer a parallel virtual Currency for a simplified and free Money Transfer and to offer Investors an alternative Option to increase their Return on Investment.

The start-up Capital of the Click-Coin EU Currency is limited to a total of 24 million Click-Coins.

The Click-Coin EU Value increase is independent of the general Crypto Market and results solely from an implied Share of 25% on World Business Guide--> www.wbg24.com.

This means that the Click-Coin EU Currency Rate increases with every single booking on World Business Guide--> www.wbg24.com and where the Click-Coin EU can soon be used as a official means of payment before the start of the Stock Exchange.

First of all, a limited Edition of 2 million Click-Coins EU will be sold via our QR-Code Promotion Action in order to generate the Capital for a Stock Exchange Allocation.

The speculative Value in the Form of the Introductory Price of EUR 100.00 per ClickCoin EU is only converted into an actual Value that can then be traded anywhere from the Day of the Stock Market Allocation.

Until the Start of the Stock Market, your Investment is purely speculative Risk Capital, which is why the Click-Coin EU Company has decided to offer you 20% direct Profit through our Promotion Action as a Thank for your Trust.

Thus, with your Investment, you immediately generate a virtual direct Profit in Form of a win-win Situation, Invest & Profit is our motto!

The Claim to the global Capital Market and the associated Vision of the Click-Coin EU Currency is great -> the Future is speculative and generally open !

The primary Goal is of course to integrate the Click-Coin EU Currency as an official means of Ppayment in order to guarantee Payment Processes at the same Moment and thus to be able to generate them virtually independent of Banks and Money Transfer Costs.

Invoice Amounts are advantageously, free of charge and commission-free, simply and immediately, globally transferred via email and credited at the same Time as the Transfer Process.

Accordingly, the Click-Coin EU is not only suitable as a pure virtual means of Payment, it is also ideally suited as a Capital Investment, as it can be assumed with a high degree of Probability that the exchange Rate of the Click-Coin EU Company will rise after the Start of the Stock Market and thus a large Return will generate.

All Transfer and Investment Accounts only contribute to raising awareness of the Click-Coin EU Company and are protected indefinitely.

Invest, use and strengthen the Vision of the European Crypto Currency ClickCoin.EU and achieve profitable Returns together with us.