This is how Click-Coin EU works !

What is Click-Coin EU ?

Click-Coin EU is an officially patented and registered EU Trademark in form of a Virtual Currency that is in circulation since 2021.

Click-Coin EU was founded, to offer a parallel virtual Currency for a simplified and free digital Money Transfer and to offer Investors an alternative Option to increase their Return on investment.

First, one million Click-Coins will be issued on a Promotion-Basis in the form of an Introductory Price of 10.00 Euros per Click-Coin EU via the homepage, in order to list the Click-Coin EU Company on the official Stock Exchange to increase the investment Price

In your personal Click-Coin EU Account you can of course transfer your Click-Coins to another Person free of charge using of a Recipient specific E-Mail Address.

If the Recipient E-Mail Address you entered is not in the Click-Coin EU User-Database, an Account will be automatically created for the Recipient and they will receive an Email notification with the required Information and a Link to access the activate Transmission.

The Link leads the Recipient to the Click-Coin EU Portal, from where you can complete the Click-Coin EU Account and complete the Transfer.
As soon as the Account has been created and confirmed, the Recipient's new Account will display the Number of Click-Coins EU received. At the same Time, the Sender's Account shows the Account Balance of Click-Coin EU, which remains in his Account after the Transfer.

If the Recipient already has a Click-Coin EU Account, the Transfer takes place immediately and the transferred Click-Coins EU are immediately displayed on the rRcipient's Account.

The transfer of Click-Coin EU is possible for every new or registered user of Click-Coin EU for free.